Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Useless.On our part.

The whole (ongoing) episode just shows you.
It shows you that The Truth is, indeed, a thing too difficult to swallow for people. For organizations. And yes, for countries of every sort.
Cynicism aside, the poor people do have a right to know the truth. If they are electing a bundle of hypocrites every damned time, they at least deserve to know. They should be aware of the fact that we are, for most practical purposes, a US colony. That we have a band of pygmies posing as leaders. They may be rightist. They may be leftist. They may be religious. They may be secular. They may call themselves any of these things. But, essentially, their greed, their lust for power and their love for self-interest is some thing that should be known to the average voter. Not that it matters, you know. It is all a conspiracy. Shut your eyes and cover your ears if you see the unholy name of Wikileaks appear anywhere.
One more thing. I think that if Obama can get a Nobel Peace prize for pure rhetoric , Julian Assange deserves ten for promoting peace by making information accessible to all and sundry. For peace among different nations can not be established on the basis of deceit and lies. It is a far better approach to be truthful and straightforward.
What WL is doing is a very admirable feat. I just can not see it having much effect on world politics. Because no one will ever be willing to honestly say the truth.
At least, it won't make any difference to us.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Life of Sine

I am indebted to two people for providing the idea for this post. One of them  is Yann Martel, the writer of The Life of Pi. The name of his book gave me the spark of imagination that I needed. The second is a royal friend. I am indebted to both of them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back, at last!

It has been a very long time, indeed.
However, we shall continue as if nothing had happened.
I have been contemplating the idea of coming for a rant here for quite some time, ever since college started to  be exact.
Well, I am getting off-track, where I should not get, at least right now.
One will often hear the fact that this is a fair world, that it rewards honesty and appreciates the truth. That you always have to stand for what you think is right, and stick to it. This has become a cliche, and common people expect to have something good whenever they do some thing good.
The reality is (as reality always is) not at all so ideal. Other people do not always appreciate your speaking out. They will nearly always chastise you and try to change your mind and convert you to what they think is the "RIGHT PATH".
The lesson that I learnt is; always know that you will have to face hostility when you say something that you think is correct. So just be prepared.
Recently,in my college, some one pointed out to a teacher during a class that what he, the teacher, was trying
to do one way, could be done another way too. What that person got was a full blast on how he wasn't clear about that topic, very unclear in fact. Another person gave a logic that was utterly false, I think (I can not be sure of this, as I was not attentive at this point). And that one got approved by the teacher.
And this whole time, the first person was dead right. In fact, what he said was more logical than the other way.
Man, did it set me reflecting!
Something else that I noticed earlier comes to my mind now. In our high school syllabus, we read a modified version of a Maupassant's story, which tells of a man who was unjustly accused of theft and scorned by the people when he tried to talk in his defense. The ridicule consumed his health, and he died.
Now, my course book said that after some time, a flood sept away the whole village. Only that grave remained.
What is interesting is that I have checked this story out from multiple sources. But I could not find the part that mentions the flood anywhere.
That means that Maupassant did not always believe in getting rewarded for what you did (Some of his stories do show one getting punished for one's evil deeds) . And I flatter myself that he shared my views to some extent.
So why did my book had a different version? If someone can suggest a reason, I'd be more than delighted to know. My own conclusion is simply that the person who edited that book also believed in always getting back what you sent forth.
In a nutshell, the lesson is: Be prepared.
You may also choose to remember what Ibn-e-Insha said, about truth being accompanied by a cup of poison.That really defines it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Regretted, Your Honour

It is announced with deep regret that the author of this blog, the speaking spook, is alive and at large, contrary to common hopes. Whether a spook can be alive or not is another debate, and out of the scope of this announcement.
The speaking or rather blabbering spook refused to comment on the rumors that she is still steadfast in her plans for the destruction of this planet, with a mysterious smile. In fact,the people believe that she is working on them right now .
Stay tuned in for information regarding further developments. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A too-sunny day

Today was not one of the best and memorable days of my life.
First I got roasted and scorched in the morning sun. I bet that our sun can give the best of tans in the least time.Not a simple tan at that: it can transform you into something  that resembles more of charcoal than of a homo sapien.
The, in the morning, I managed to do something incredibly stupid. No,I am NOT going in its details. Who wants others to know that they are an extreme idiot?
And I struggled to get some sleep in the load-shedding struck noon. It was torture, I can tell you.
The most interesting thing today was a message from  a well-intentioned friend:"May you have a really sunny day"
Ah!As if I had not received enough of sun yet!
Talk of  wishes that haunt you like a ghost!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This weekend did not turn out to be a nice one.
Now that I think of it, I see that this week was not a nice one,either.
First of all, I kept prancing around like a zombie due to sleep deprivation the whole time.
Then I had to deal with rough gears.And when I finally managed to get them smooth, they got too smooth to work.

(I love you mechanics. You really made my week.)
Then I started hallucinating
About my work being finished
And me being done with the viva
Then, on the weekend, I finally sought to tackle des.
That was when I realized that I hate changes. Why does everything  in the world have to change, and that too at a rate,the rate of which is changing with time!
I simply wished things would stop for some time, and give some relief to my poor mind.
But they simply do not.
Neither do they stop failing.(One proposed system failed completely after it was designed).
Neither do they stop crashing (poor files!Oh, poor me!)
I hate magnets too(all sorts).
And I wrote an idiotic short story, but am much more of a sloth to upload it.
The elves said
To stay would be jolly
To fly would be folly
And I am following Carrol now
This post is very much similar to something a drugged person might write
So I think this much is enough

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rantings of a vivaed-to-be

Some times, it so happens that you have an idea of something. But, later on, you learn that what you thought was so very different from what was.
This happens a lot of times in life. But it is not something that you enjoy, I can guarantee you. For something similar happened to me last night.
Now I am quite touchy about the fact that there is nothing in my life at the moment except a really crooked college. Crooked in the sense that it is not crooked at all. Rather it is as straight as a poker. I, naturally, disapprove of everything as straight as that. The college campus looks very much ordinary and much more non-descript whenever I saw it in daylight. So I had the illusion in my mind that it would look creepy and haunted and lonesome and at night. I sometimes visualized myself , wandering as a lost soul, walking among the numerous clumps of trees, all alone, with only starlight to guide me. I thought it would be real fun; I thought it would be beautiful.
Alas! My dreams were to be shattered to smithereens in a very cruel way. Last night, I had the chance to walk on the main road for some length. There were lights and lights. And lots of people walking, jogging,talking, shouting and doing what not. Ah, my imagination!
I pray that another illusion of mine not be shattered in a similar way, and that I manage to get a laugh out of a supposedly-funny person.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some light on twilight

At the present, I am quite an idle person, unless you count a donkey-load of studies as work. But I do not want to go on about that. I am scared that I am becoming more and more obsessed with my college by the day, which is the last thing I want to be obsessed with. Its not all rubbish; there's quite a lot of coolness afoot at the campus.But that shall be dealt with some other time.
        So, what am I going to rant about today? Vampire diaries? But I have not seen those yet. Reminds me of twilight. Yes,that shall be the scapegoat today. (Its not at all worth my blog, but that just depicts my present state of mind, that I am more of a zombie than a human). So here we go. Below are some facts that SHOULD be known to everyone who is going to buy it:
    1) The best thing about the books of this series is the title of each one. They appeal to the aesthetic sense (unlike the whining-and-crying heroine inside) and even may lead one to think of some subtle theme. I really liked the illustration on the title of breaking dawn. But that book proved to be the lamest of all.
    2) Some books have been criticized for having too much characters killed. But in twilight there are too few of them. It is supposed to be about blood-thirsty vamps and wolves. Problem is, the poor guys are so busy being sparkling lovey-doveys that they forget that they are vampires. To quote a friend "All the prestige that vampires had has been destroyed by glittererizing them like diamonds". And I agree on this one. Had this story been real, both Edward and Jacob would have been electrocuted by their own clans. While reading the book, I kept shouting at intervals "Stop it , vamp. You are a vampire! Get some guts like one!". To no  avail, I am sad to announce. Vampires now have no place to hide themselves.
    3) Similarly, there is too much of happiness flying around at the end, with no sorrow at all. Every one,be he or she a vamp or a wolf, finds the axis of his or her life, and starts orbiting it.
    4) The rapid decay  of ethics, especially in the last book is really pathetic. Switching over from the love of your life to her    
new-born daughter is something that made me long to strike Stephanie's head with a sledge hammer. No one except the execution control is allowed to switch in such a manner. At  times I cannot decide who is more pea-brained : Bella or Jacob.
    5) The heroine of this series is a more of a zombie than she is of a human,in the respect that her head is nearly empty. She has no self -esteem. I bet she does not even know what is self-esteem, for the poor lass is always busy thinking about Edward; how beautiful he is, and how simple she is.
     I have to cut this short now. A word of advice for anyone who has an iota of brain in his or her head; download the book from somewhere and read it on a computer. When you finish it, you will be so glad that you did not waste your money on buying it, that it may compensate somewhat for the time you spent on reading sheer trash.                                     

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To the gallows

Its with a heavy heart and with a staggering hand that i post. My heart is so filled with dismay that i cannot see a single ray of hope. What hope is left. I ask myself? Indeed, what hope there is for me?
All of a sudden I have realized that tomorrow I have to go to college. No longer can I enjoy waking up in the noon; I have to get up before the cock croons. The pleasure of sleeping in the mornings I can no longer enjoy!
All the holidays I have succedded in encapsulating myself in a shell in which I could not be reminded of my papers! Now I have to go and see them!
Something that aatish said seems appropriate now
Phir bahaar aai wohi dasht-nawirdi ho gi
Phir wohi paaon wohi khar-e-mughilan ho gay
And how i wish i could say the next lines
Tou kahan jaaey gi kuch apna thikana kar lay
Hum to kal khawab-e-adam main shab-e-hijran ho gay
But what the hell, I still have some hours left to live. So I should leave that some more.
It must be obvious by now that I dont have anything particular to write about. So I am ranting about silly topics.
Thats enough for once, I think.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A pile of ashes is a joy forever

I am a bit late, but better late than never.
My pc has been out of order for quite a time.Finally I succedded in making it work after countless experiments.I do hope that it keeps working for some time now,at least.
But enough about my pc woes.What i was going to say was-well,its late but still.....................
Anyways, I wanted to talk about something important.For the first time,I realized that a pile of ashes can give you immense joy.The thing was, I burnt all my ethics-not-so-ethical notes outside my house on the eve after the paper.It was a great experience.Great and heartwarming.And i warmed my hands too.
I watched the merry fire that reduced all p. ethics to cinders.I watched the thin streak of smoke rising upwards towards the sky, vanishing into nothingness.

Do i hear some of you protesting that i contributed to polluting the atmosphere?People, the pollution they inflicted upon my mind is greater than that which was due to burning them. The damage done to my ethics cannot be undone so easily, i m afraid.

They warmed the freezing evening too, for some time too.So thats another plus point.At a time, i even came close to wishing that they had been a thicker pile.The more the merrier.
By the way, I also burnt my ec notes,hoping to prevent my mind from being short-crcuited. In the evening after the paper. They also provided some 7-8 minutes of a warm fire.
Nowadays, i m finally free. Trying to forget that I belong to a college. Trying to forget that i have to go back there after 8 days. Trying to forget that i am going to be tortured again for 4 months.These spells o life are so brief, why not enjoy them as they are?

Another point that i wanted to add was, life at college is just so static. I dont think i have learned something constructive the whole sem. I am not saying that this is entirely the fault of college. The whole semester, i have been stuck on a single line "
Aala tamam halqa-e dam-e-khayal hay". I just cannot remember the second line.Never could imagine such a thing!!!!!!!!

So here i am. Planning a lot of things. Getting my hands on a few books. Cleaning my room. Learning to play chess. And dota,too. But a week is such a short time for all this...........................
Here i go again. But this much is enough for one post, i think. So i should be getting off.
P.S. i hope i may be able to write something less pathetic next time.