Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life is beautiful + an official apology to microcontrollers

Every year, near this time of summers, my sight undergoes a magical transformation. All at once, I discover(or rediscover) that Life Is Beautiful. I become a super optimist and start seeing hope along with beauty everywhere. After spending some time contemplating, I succeed in convincing myself that every thing happens for a reason, and that the basic purpose of this life is to be happy. Generally, I feel very content to be me. I practically become incapable of malice towards any person, thing, place. I cherish everything and dislike nothing.
 This is very much a universal phenomenon.Yes, summer vacation can do that to you.
So, the new thing is that I intend to do a few new things this time. They shall be written down one of these days. Maybe they shall get posted here.
In a previous post, I loudly stated that I loathe hardware. It is only fair that I should apologize just as loudly. Well, thing is, I do not count micro controllers as hardware any longer. All right, they are hardware, who am I kidding? I just do not loathe them. As a matter of fact, I rather like them. They are nice. One of these days, I shall write a detailed post about the project I worked on with a couple of friends.


  1. it seems u transform into a sage of sorts during summer vacations :P

  2. The wonders of sunshine and it's effect, the smiling effect I call it, (mind you there are some who seem determined to fight against the showing of said smile, but they are few in numbers and I'm sure will respond should the necessary number of smiles be thrust their way!!) ;-) .. Many thanks for dropping by my site, and for commenting.

  3. happy holiz dear, *HI-FI!*

  4. Ah! Will be looking forward to the new post then :)

  5. So what was the project about? *nerdy look*

    And why don't you post more often? :)

  6. We were trying to make a sort-of-gaming console to play hangman with an lcd and keypad, instead of paper and pen.
    Lack of energy, the same problem that is rampant everywhere :p