Friday, March 22, 2013

The perks of parallel processing

Yesterday was a dukkhi day. Dukhi because sad simply falls short of the expressing our grief  and dismay require.
I might have mentioned it earlier, but let me emphasize this  again : The writer has an extraordinary talent for destruction, be it biryani or a beagle board that has the misfortune to fall in her hands. 
Technically speaking, this is the middle of the end, since we are halfway through fyp. Sometimes I realize that I am going to miss my college enormously. The holidays, to be exact. How I am going to play truant in the future is a source of constant worry to me. I also picked up some like-minded and almost-as-dim-witted-as-me people there, who have always dissuaded me from suicidal plans, albeit half-heartedly.
On the day before yesterday, I was a happy elf. A free elf, almost. Working with a beagle board xm has been a very interesting and rewarding experience, and it has rekindled an old dream, of being an embedded system designer. I might even write a couple of posts about the general outlines for working with it, as well as the problems we encountered and are still encountering, provided that I can summon the energy.
This time, we decided to divide the work among our three selves. Being the person who finds the most faults with literally everything, I have been appointed as the official choota (sans the public dealing, thankfully). While the others watch and record videos and do interesting stuff, I try to impress people with the fact that a complete os can run on 5 V on a 3x3 inch board. 
To the point now.
Thing is, parallel processing might be the thing for actual processors, but it certainly isn't for us. What doing 3 different things in parallel has brought us is the chance to get stuck at three different points simultaneously.
When working as a group, we usually have one problem at a time, so this is a new achievement for us. In a way.
Rants aside, I should document my problems.
As the icing on the cake, I received a new and strange 'kernel panic' error yesterday. Since then, my work is officially on standstill. Maybe I need to change my focus for a couple of days. Middlemarch might be a choice, for I am a fan of George Eliot and Dorothea's story can not be more tragic than mine.


  1. The title reminds me of 'The perks of being a wallflower'
    It does suck when a perfectly running system stops working suddenly. It sucks even more if multiple perfectly running systems stop working simultaneously. Sometimes, out of nowhere, I realize that being stuck in string theory would have been lot more interesting than the stuff we get stuck in. I keep on saying 'Zindagi bekaar he' (derived from a serial name 'Zindagi Gulzar he')

  2. '...multiple perfectly running systems stop working simultaneously.' you have summed it up exactly.
    'Zindagi baykar hay' is quite nice, I like it.
    We can bank on string theory, you are right. Let us abandon all non-working cables and cards and boards and LCDs and embark on the study of pure sciences, being an oompa loompa is so very tiring.

  3. 'Being an oompa loompa' I liked it. But don't like being an oompa loompa anymore..
    I appreciate the idea. Let us divert our attention to the possibilities of non-causal systems, perpetual motion machines, room temperature superconductors and einstein rosen bridges.

  4. Don't forget time machines, >3 dimensional worlds and parallel universes.
    So you finally agree that anti causal real time systems are way more worthwhile? Good.

  5. people, you are not alone. Being stuck in fyp is in fashion nowadays.

    1. Is that really you talking?:P Thanks for the support.

  6. Recording videos isn't the interesting part. Programming and OpenCv itself is :)

  7. You know what, develop a gui and I will have an excellent video editor for my system.