Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some light on twilight

At the present, I am quite an idle person, unless you count a donkey-load of studies as work. But I do not want to go on about that. I am scared that I am becoming more and more obsessed with my college by the day, which is the last thing I want to be obsessed with. Its not all rubbish; there's quite a lot of coolness afoot at the campus.But that shall be dealt with some other time.
        So, what am I going to rant about today? Vampire diaries? But I have not seen those yet. Reminds me of twilight. Yes,that shall be the scapegoat today. (Its not at all worth my blog, but that just depicts my present state of mind, that I am more of a zombie than a human). So here we go. Below are some facts that SHOULD be known to everyone who is going to buy it:
    1) The best thing about the books of this series is the title of each one. They appeal to the aesthetic sense (unlike the whining-and-crying heroine inside) and even may lead one to think of some subtle theme. I really liked the illustration on the title of breaking dawn. But that book proved to be the lamest of all.
    2) Some books have been criticized for having too much characters killed. But in twilight there are too few of them. It is supposed to be about blood-thirsty vamps and wolves. Problem is, the poor guys are so busy being sparkling lovey-doveys that they forget that they are vampires. To quote a friend "All the prestige that vampires had has been destroyed by glittererizing them like diamonds". And I agree on this one. Had this story been real, both Edward and Jacob would have been electrocuted by their own clans. While reading the book, I kept shouting at intervals "Stop it , vamp. You are a vampire! Get some guts like one!". To no  avail, I am sad to announce. Vampires now have no place to hide themselves.
    3) Similarly, there is too much of happiness flying around at the end, with no sorrow at all. Every one,be he or she a vamp or a wolf, finds the axis of his or her life, and starts orbiting it.
    4) The rapid decay  of ethics, especially in the last book is really pathetic. Switching over from the love of your life to her    
new-born daughter is something that made me long to strike Stephanie's head with a sledge hammer. No one except the execution control is allowed to switch in such a manner. At  times I cannot decide who is more pea-brained : Bella or Jacob.
    5) The heroine of this series is a more of a zombie than she is of a human,in the respect that her head is nearly empty. She has no self -esteem. I bet she does not even know what is self-esteem, for the poor lass is always busy thinking about Edward; how beautiful he is, and how simple she is.
     I have to cut this short now. A word of advice for anyone who has an iota of brain in his or her head; download the book from somewhere and read it on a computer. When you finish it, you will be so glad that you did not waste your money on buying it, that it may compensate somewhat for the time you spent on reading sheer trash.