Sunday, February 21, 2010

To the gallows

Its with a heavy heart and with a staggering hand that i post. My heart is so filled with dismay that i cannot see a single ray of hope. What hope is left. I ask myself? Indeed, what hope there is for me?
All of a sudden I have realized that tomorrow I have to go to college. No longer can I enjoy waking up in the noon; I have to get up before the cock croons. The pleasure of sleeping in the mornings I can no longer enjoy!
All the holidays I have succedded in encapsulating myself in a shell in which I could not be reminded of my papers! Now I have to go and see them!
Something that aatish said seems appropriate now
Phir bahaar aai wohi dasht-nawirdi ho gi
Phir wohi paaon wohi khar-e-mughilan ho gay
And how i wish i could say the next lines
Tou kahan jaaey gi kuch apna thikana kar lay
Hum to kal khawab-e-adam main shab-e-hijran ho gay
But what the hell, I still have some hours left to live. So I should leave that some more.
It must be obvious by now that I dont have anything particular to write about. So I am ranting about silly topics.
Thats enough for once, I think.

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