Friday, October 22, 2010

Back, at last!

It has been a very long time, indeed.
However, we shall continue as if nothing had happened.
I have been contemplating the idea of coming for a rant here for quite some time, ever since college started to  be exact.
Well, I am getting off-track, where I should not get, at least right now.
One will often hear the fact that this is a fair world, that it rewards honesty and appreciates the truth. That you always have to stand for what you think is right, and stick to it. This has become a cliche, and common people expect to have something good whenever they do some thing good.
The reality is (as reality always is) not at all so ideal. Other people do not always appreciate your speaking out. They will nearly always chastise you and try to change your mind and convert you to what they think is the "RIGHT PATH".
The lesson that I learnt is; always know that you will have to face hostility when you say something that you think is correct. So just be prepared.
Recently,in my college, some one pointed out to a teacher during a class that what he, the teacher, was trying
to do one way, could be done another way too. What that person got was a full blast on how he wasn't clear about that topic, very unclear in fact. Another person gave a logic that was utterly false, I think (I can not be sure of this, as I was not attentive at this point). And that one got approved by the teacher.
And this whole time, the first person was dead right. In fact, what he said was more logical than the other way.
Man, did it set me reflecting!
Something else that I noticed earlier comes to my mind now. In our high school syllabus, we read a modified version of a Maupassant's story, which tells of a man who was unjustly accused of theft and scorned by the people when he tried to talk in his defense. The ridicule consumed his health, and he died.
Now, my course book said that after some time, a flood sept away the whole village. Only that grave remained.
What is interesting is that I have checked this story out from multiple sources. But I could not find the part that mentions the flood anywhere.
That means that Maupassant did not always believe in getting rewarded for what you did (Some of his stories do show one getting punished for one's evil deeds) . And I flatter myself that he shared my views to some extent.
So why did my book had a different version? If someone can suggest a reason, I'd be more than delighted to know. My own conclusion is simply that the person who edited that book also believed in always getting back what you sent forth.
In a nutshell, the lesson is: Be prepared.
You may also choose to remember what Ibn-e-Insha said, about truth being accompanied by a cup of poison.That really defines it.

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