Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A too-sunny day

Today was not one of the best and memorable days of my life.
First I got roasted and scorched in the morning sun. I bet that our sun can give the best of tans in the least time.Not a simple tan at that: it can transform you into something  that resembles more of charcoal than of a homo sapien.
The, in the morning, I managed to do something incredibly stupid. No,I am NOT going in its details. Who wants others to know that they are an extreme idiot?
And I struggled to get some sleep in the load-shedding struck noon. It was torture, I can tell you.
The most interesting thing today was a message from  a well-intentioned friend:"May you have a really sunny day"
Ah!As if I had not received enough of sun yet!
Talk of  wishes that haunt you like a ghost!

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