Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rantings of a vivaed-to-be

Some times, it so happens that you have an idea of something. But, later on, you learn that what you thought was so very different from what was.
This happens a lot of times in life. But it is not something that you enjoy, I can guarantee you. For something similar happened to me last night.
Now I am quite touchy about the fact that there is nothing in my life at the moment except a really crooked college. Crooked in the sense that it is not crooked at all. Rather it is as straight as a poker. I, naturally, disapprove of everything as straight as that. The college campus looks very much ordinary and much more non-descript whenever I saw it in daylight. So I had the illusion in my mind that it would look creepy and haunted and lonesome and at night. I sometimes visualized myself , wandering as a lost soul, walking among the numerous clumps of trees, all alone, with only starlight to guide me. I thought it would be real fun; I thought it would be beautiful.
Alas! My dreams were to be shattered to smithereens in a very cruel way. Last night, I had the chance to walk on the main road for some length. There were lights and lights. And lots of people walking, jogging,talking, shouting and doing what not. Ah, my imagination!
I pray that another illusion of mine not be shattered in a similar way, and that I manage to get a laugh out of a supposedly-funny person.


  1. hahaha viva side effects??

    and the uni might be poker straight, but the kids are completely quadratic if you get my drift :P :P

  2. I posted this before the viva!