Thursday, November 29, 2012


Change is the only constant factor in this world, and it brings at least some spark to lives which are otherwise tightly clamped at a dc level.
Great changes often occur quietly and modestly, and without any prior warning of any kind.
Personally, I have noticed a tendency to revert back to old habits on a periodic basis. Had I still been a fan of self-made theories, I would have hypothesized that people change significantly after every ten years, but I have completely lost the ability to tolerate arguments without any logic behind them and theories without any proof. You know it is a sad world when people list logical arguments under the 'barriers to effective communication'. A recent mental bug I have caught says that people who have opinions must express some of them at least.
It has been some time since I embraced the ideology of 'think nothing, hear nothing, speak nothing'. While the strategy is recommended in particular situations, adopting it as an all-time maxim is dangerous in many ways. Simply putting your thinking and speaking processes on hold can act as a drug that numbs the senses more and more every day.
When you do not express your opinions clearly and articulately, people assume that you have none. When you do not use your tongue, it is generally understood that you do not possess one. Gradually and slowly, you just become a colourless, voiceless creature who is just a creature that lives and breathes; nothing more, nothing less.
Regard about others' opinions of my self has not been a sore point with me for most of my life, but due to a strange combination of hollow reasons, I altered my manner of thinking. Completely unnecessary, I tell you.  with other people and learning about the world.
To while away the time during the recent exams, I started watching the Bond movies. Casino Royale is my most favourite one so far.
Maybe I'll elaborate the hazards of keeping quiet all the time one of these days. Right now, I must sleep since I have to watch Skyfall afterwards.
I considered the idea  of saying one sensible thing for every ten senseless ones I say. The problem is, if I impose such a restriction upon myself, I will have to keep quiet all of the time.
The world will be a less cheerful place, then.
A nice shair I recently came across is:
مصیبت کا پہاڑ آخر کسی دن کٹ ہی جائے گا
مجھے سر مار کر تیشے سے مر جانا نہیں آتا