Monday, March 21, 2011

The Lord Of the Flies-And How much I loathe hardware

I loathe working on hardware, even in a simulator.
Debugging it is, like, finding a needle in a bundle of hay.
Thats enough for now.I have to hand it over in a day or two, so I should not think about its virtues or lack thereof.
As I mentioned before, The Lord of the Flies turned out to be exceptionally well. It narrates the life of a group of boys, stuck on an island.
The basic idea the writer conveys is that human beings are, basically, the same as the were a couple of million of years ago. Their instincts have failed to evolve, and it is so very natural for them to revert to savage life. All the civilization could not do much to them. Unchecked by law, they do exactly as they please.
There is just one thing, stuck at the back of my mind. I just can not help thinking that had there been some of the XX gender on the island, there would have been some compassion.

Friday, March 18, 2011

An unexpected treat

When a book turns out to be better then your expectations, it is just like a feast.
Or an oasis. When you reach it in stark sunlight. Amid scorching sand.
I somehow had the notion that The Lord of The Flies was a light book.
So far, it has turned out to be just the type of literature that deserves to be called true literature. I have not completed it yet. Once I have, I may consider writing some sort of review.