Saturday, February 26, 2011

Personality test

Most of these personality tests say things with which you are bound to agree in one way or the other.
This one, however, placed me along with Emmy Noether, so the least I can do for it is to post a link here.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A reflection from heaven

There are a hundred things in my mind, Ideally, I'd like to blog about all of them.
It is strange how hard work makes you admire normal life. Reminds me, I was blogging this time last year too. I take a moment to think. Then I feel glad at the fact that there is no change, none at all. I am still as silly as ever! That is enough cause for celebration.
As if I need more these days.
Some times, I get the feeling that I am living on an isolated island. Man, is it isolated! Life changes so drastically when you enter the home after flunking the last paper. Forget the college. Forget the papers. Forget the endless torture. The grueling schedule, the getting up in the mornings. The last night cramming. Having a bad memory has its upsides, too.
Some people dislike the idea of closing the eyes when danger is near. What I think is, it is bad enough flunking the papers themselves. I mean, during the papers, you have to sit there, for three whole hours, and think that you do not know this,and this, and this. The whole paper, to be succinct.
The whole subject, to be exact.
(On a wise note, I am not a fan of exact things, and I just ignore them)
So, it is bad enough, thinking about it during that fateful time.Really, there is no need to spoil your holidays with these useless thoughts.
Enough about the papers.
I have a thought: all people who are not happy with their lives should be enrolled in undergrad and made to survive there. When they come out, they *will* be cured of the habit of ever-complaining.
I, for one, never knew that just being able to sleep as I please, get up as I please and generally do as I please could be not a right, not a privilege but -blessing.Just blessing.
I have learnt my lesson now.
Is this what they call growing up, and about the world teaching you what you have not learned yourself? If it is so, then this is indeed a bitter world.
Not right now, no. At the moment, it is heaven.
Save for the weather. No rain, no sunshine. This winter has been too dry for my taste.