Sunday, February 14, 2010

A pile of ashes is a joy forever

I am a bit late, but better late than never.
My pc has been out of order for quite a time.Finally I succedded in making it work after countless experiments.I do hope that it keeps working for some time now,at least.
But enough about my pc woes.What i was going to say was-well,its late but still.....................
Anyways, I wanted to talk about something important.For the first time,I realized that a pile of ashes can give you immense joy.The thing was, I burnt all my ethics-not-so-ethical notes outside my house on the eve after the paper.It was a great experience.Great and heartwarming.And i warmed my hands too.
I watched the merry fire that reduced all p. ethics to cinders.I watched the thin streak of smoke rising upwards towards the sky, vanishing into nothingness.

Do i hear some of you protesting that i contributed to polluting the atmosphere?People, the pollution they inflicted upon my mind is greater than that which was due to burning them. The damage done to my ethics cannot be undone so easily, i m afraid.

They warmed the freezing evening too, for some time too.So thats another plus point.At a time, i even came close to wishing that they had been a thicker pile.The more the merrier.
By the way, I also burnt my ec notes,hoping to prevent my mind from being short-crcuited. In the evening after the paper. They also provided some 7-8 minutes of a warm fire.
Nowadays, i m finally free. Trying to forget that I belong to a college. Trying to forget that i have to go back there after 8 days. Trying to forget that i am going to be tortured again for 4 months.These spells o life are so brief, why not enjoy them as they are?

Another point that i wanted to add was, life at college is just so static. I dont think i have learned something constructive the whole sem. I am not saying that this is entirely the fault of college. The whole semester, i have been stuck on a single line "
Aala tamam halqa-e dam-e-khayal hay". I just cannot remember the second line.Never could imagine such a thing!!!!!!!!

So here i am. Planning a lot of things. Getting my hands on a few books. Cleaning my room. Learning to play chess. And dota,too. But a week is such a short time for all this...........................
Here i go again. But this much is enough for one post, i think. So i should be getting off.
P.S. i hope i may be able to write something less pathetic next time.

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