Friday, December 9, 2011

Valar Morghulis

For some time, I have been living in Westeros most of the time, with the characters of A Song Of  Ice and Fire, so that may explain the title. When I finish the last book, I may write a review, if I can summon the energy.
Winter is a perfect time for hibernation. At times, I have thought about what may happen if human beings get the ability to properly hibernate. For one thing, it will definitely lead to a decrease in the use of resources all over the world.
If I cannot hibernate properly,  I would like some soma.
It has been so long since I tried to properly string some sentences together that I am forced to write really incoherent things here.But it may be some consolation to know that they are not as incoherent as my thoughts.
I have learned, through my experience, not to judge things\people\events at once. Because all these things change, and change constantly, change all the time. Change is really the essence of life.
Maybe I believe too much in Nietzsche's opinion, that there are no facts, only interpretations, but I can not help believing it.I have myself found it to be true too many times not to believe it. Like Iqbal said, about the heart being a thousand-sided diamond and each side having a different colour. Things and people always have so many dimensions and two dimensions may be very different from each other. You may like one side and dislike the other. The end result is that you are puzzled. Befuddled about what to think and what not to think.What to say and what to hold back.
Well, it may not happen with other people, but it happens with me.

The final result is that I am left with no opinion about most things.And 'I don't know' is not a very good answer. Other people are not content with it. At times, even I am not content with it.
Maybe it is just about having a bad judgement.
How can I judge?


  1. I completely agree with you when you say that we are often confused about what to think and what to not. Every person has multiple sides (At least I have) It often becomes difficult for others to understand you but it happens so often that you yourself are unable to understand yourself. You don't know whether to hate yourself or love.....
    You don't know if you are one of the good ones or the bad ones...

  2. Well, I agree with what you say, save the last line.
    You see, I don't believe in everything being either good or evil.People are so not digital............

  3. Well if you take people's behavior as sine waves then they are definitely not digital..
    But what about the people with flip-flop behavior???

  4. What you are implying is the slew rate i.e. the output changes very, very fast.
    But people don't have a fixed no. of states. Unlike flip flops.

  5. So you want to say that people don't fit into either of Moore or Mealy model???