Monday, December 19, 2011

A Dream Of Spring (break)

So this weekend was spent dreaming, with open eyes.
Someone announced the date for exams in a very public place. It was thoughtful, I must say. Still........
I was turning the date over in my mind, subconsciously,when I realized  what final exams really imply.
I sat up with a jolt.Upon rechecking, the result was the same:
  The spring break is near!!!!!
 So,naturally, the rest of the weekend was spent in a blissful fantasy.I dreamed of the chocolates I'd eat, the mornings I'd spend curled up in a warm bed, the books I'd read (the break isn't really important for this) and the long story I may write,if I can muster the energy. Who knows, I may get an idea for doing something  interesting , though that not very probable, as I have not thought of many interesting things to date. (I am an exceptionally boring and bored person.)
In short, my weekend was radically different from that of my friend, the distracted soul.
(DS, times change often,so don't dwell too much on useless things.)
There are a few things to do in the meantime, of course. There is a project to be made, along with, horror of horrors, a report. Due to a series of unfortunate and unforeseen events, I'll  have to make the report myself *shudders*
Besides, a minor problem is that I am as yet undecided about the project. In the end, if I cannot find anything more interesting, I'll have to settle with a matrix inverter. (The thing I most like about a matrix is its name. Matrix! Maybe I should search for a nice title page for my report, with iridescent green letters on a black background.)
If I cannot find something to do with prime numbers, matrix inversion it will have to be.
I got to play with a beautiful Nook today. Thank you, my friend-with-a-Nook.
There are a couple of lines by Ghalib which are the favourite these days,ever since I first read them last week: 

تماشا ،  کہ اے محو  آینہ داری
تجھے کس تمنا سے ہم دیکھتے ہیں

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