Saturday, January 5, 2013

A reservoir of coolness

It is cool to be cool, but one can be too cool, especially during the winters. Particularly when the cool person has an exam to consider.
For some time, I have been thinking about trading off my calm, at least some of it, with someone, anyone.Anyone who might be willing to trade off some anger, some restlessness.
Getting angry at the right person at the right moment to the right degree might be extremely difficult, but getting angry at least a couple of times a month is necessary. The guilt or innocence of the object at which one's anger is directed is totally irrelevant and does not matter at all. Otherwise, one is in the danger of completely forgetting the noble and necessary art of being angry, which is very much required in this inconsiderate world.
The case of being calm is similar. Most of the time, it is quite nice, feeling at rest with life, the universe and everything while blood pressures are getting high left right and center. But at critical times, the lack of adrenaline is dangerous.
I seldom attend college but when I do, I make sure that I go on a day when going is a complete waste of time. College is not a waste of time all the time; various functions are held, too. Occasionally, I attend one of these, too. Again, I ensure that I miss every function that is worth attending.
Afterwards, I envy the people who got the chance to meet the chief guest. I am not exactly a die-hard fan, but I have never met a scholar of his stature in real life.
So I guess I'll just construct some dreams for laying the foundation of the morn, in accordance with his advice.
Missing the interesting part of a literary session is an old habit with my royal friend and me, nothing new in that.
These days I am a fan of Hafiz. Some of the things I do regularly these days are :1. Wish I was literate enough to read him. 2. Recite these line with varying amplitude (warning: poetry ahead, kindly skip the rest of the post if you don't enjoy it):

دل میرود ز دستم صاحب دلان خدارا
دردا کہ راز پنہان خواہد شد آشکارا
در کوئے نیک نامی ما را گزر نداند
گر تو نمی پسندی تیغیر کن قضا را
سرکش مشو کہ چون شمع از غیرتت بسوزد
دلبر کہ در کف او موم است سنگ خارا


  1. Getting angry is essential for life. Thing is, I have seen you getting angry so many times :P I don't think that you are that 'calm' or cool:p (That is obviously opposite to what the Royal Abbasi thinks)
    Well this world is full of people. Everyone has different opinion..
    Despite of all this, if you are still willing to trade off some of your calmness with someone. I am the volunteer you are looking for ;)