Friday, January 13, 2012

Saying it at last

For once in our life, we can blame the absence of a martial law for our troubles.
Disregarding the serious, the ugly and the tragic sides of the ongoing tussle for clinging-to-power-despite-absolutely-lacking-morality in the country, a royal friend and I discussed the situation for about an hour and expressed our hopes that we may get some unforeseen holidays and hence could have the exams delayed.
Alas,our hopes were in vain, and now we have to face the terrible truth:the papers are here, and our preparation is nowhere.
If there is anyone in the higher setup who is in the mood for an adventure, I do hope they embark on it before the upcoming holidays,or it won't be any use at all.
Sometimes it happens that you try to escape something and it comes after you in hot pursuit.In another discussion, the above mentioned two had agreed that the following questions fall under the category of very immoral questions:
  • How was your paper? (particularly asked again and again from a poor student who is staggering out of the exam hall with a numb brain)
  • How is your preparation? (asked on the day before the paper, the night before the paper, the morning of the paper,while the poor, lazy student stares at others' shining, eager faces.Of course, as it happens, the student under consideration is the dumbest and the laziest of them all, rather one of the very,very few dumb and lazy ones.)
  • Have you studied subject x, book y, chapter z, topic a, page b, figure c, curve d? ( This asked all the time during the semester.A solution may be for the student to prance around with a placard saying  'NO' worn around the neck.)
So we are trying to create a world in which exams don't have a hype around them. But then we got a message telling us that we have to go and see our marked papers this monday.
Now I particularly dislike this subject, for it is an ultra stupid one, and not even the instructor, who is one of *the* best teachers I have ever come across, could create a spark of interest with his amazing teaching skills.
(By the by, the teaching talents of this particular teacher have been quite wasted, teaching a stupid course. He could have been assigned something worthwhile. But,on second thought, which talent isn't wasted here? Jump to next thought.)
So now we will have to see it and forget it.
Having a short term memory helps. I wonder if goldfish really are the happiest of us all.

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