Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The time to kill

I should not be here, as I really intended the last time I blogged. Till an hour ago, to be exact.
However, I need to remain alive and sane more than I need to pass the exams.So I come here,
The theory of evolution implies that you have to compete in order to survive. At times, there may arise a situation where you can survive only by killing your opponents. If there is a single goat and two ravenous lions, one of them will have to kill the other in order to-live.Of course, this problem confronts other members of the animal kingdom. Homo Sapiens, thankfully, have, and can produce, enough food.
Goats are very seldom the bone of contention between human beings. What really makes one want to kill another human being is his or her behaviour.(By the way, behaviour makes me wonder why the Google people are so obstinately American)
At the moment, I feel that I would love to murder some one. Well, I might die to murder some one. This some one can be any one from the rotten administration. Murdering someone , anyone from the extraordinarily admin would give me the relief I so badly need. Relief I badly need in order to withstand exams delayed at the last night.
In order to survive, I need to kill.